Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sing My Song

"Sing My Song" book and CD
Award-winning songwriter Steve Seskin has long helped budding balladeers discover the songs within them. Now, in a book based on his elementary school songwriting workshops, he shares the creative process that led him to seven number-one hits, including "Don't Laugh at Me."

Through author's notes and songs written with students, Seskin shows readers how to come up with a title, create lyrics and rhymes, and use emotion and imagery. Each song appears with an original illustration by a top artist. The accompanying CD, which features this spirited collection of songs performed by Steve and a chorus of kids--plus four instrumental tracks to pair with new lyrics--will inspire readers to put their own feelings, whether silly or sincere, to paper and write a song of their own.
Steve Seskin Website
Ink Kathleen Krull

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