Friday, April 10, 2009

Sebastian's Roller Skates Storyline Online AudioBook

Sebastian's Roller Skates
By Joan De Deu Prats, Joan De Prats
Illustrated by Francesc Rovira
Edition: illustrated
Published by Kane/Miller, 2005
ISBN 1929132816, 9781929132812
32 pages
Sebastian doesn't talk much, even though he has a lot to say. But a pair of roller skates may unlock more than Sebastian's coordination?
In this story about the power of self ...
...-confidence, Sebastian is a reserved boy to the point of stifling shyness. He lives within his thoughts, unable to express himself to others, though full of fascinating ideas. When an abandoned pair of roller skates piques his interest, he tries to learn to skate with a quiet determination. Alas, his fear of falling down and failing prevents him from becoming proficient. An impromptu rescue of a runaway dog provides the impetus he needs to use his new skills on skates—instilling him with confidence and unleashing his self-restraint. Rovira skillfully conveys the changing tenor of Sebastian's moods in a distinctive manner: The illustrations are primarily full-bleed watercolor and ink; however, he uses his collages to indicate Sebastian's internal thoughts. At first, the collages consist of monochromatic ripped pieces of paper, full of detail, but in blacks and grays. As Sebastian overcomes his reticence, the collages increase in clarity and vibrancy until tale's end where they become a torrent of joyful, brightly colored images. Sebastian's triumph provides inspiration for timid readers to seek out their own strengths. (Picture book. 5, 6, 7, 8, 9)
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