Monday, April 27, 2009

Show Time!: Music, Dance, and Drama Activities for Kids Ages 9-12

Kids can learn to develop their skills as singers, dancers, and actors through more than 80 activities that include imitating a musician or musical instrument, acting out a song, or creating a mirror dance. Illustrations.
Show Time!: Music, Dance, and Drama Activities for Kids
By Lisa Bany-Winters
Edition: illustrated
Published by Chicago Review Press, 2000
ISBN 1556523610, 9781556523618
194 pages
Gr 3-6, Ages 9, 10, 11, 12 -An introduction to musical ...... theater. The author covers the history of musicals from those inspired by Shakespeare to those written by Sondheim in one- and two-page chapters with added tidbits in sidebars. Creating musicals from poetry, basic acting preparation, rhythm and dance, and creative dramatics form the basis for activities. There are games, scenes for experimentation, and short scripts to stage. Many activities are physical in nature, and would work well with groups of young actors. The directions are given in organized steps. Some of the activities are quite creative and will challenge even the more seasoned performers. A few games involve vocal expression, but adults could add sound to any number of the activities; indeed, many invite experimentation. Simple drawings add a friendly touch. Since the book looks at musical theatre from so many points of view, it will be useful for different pursuits, e.g., teachers, directors working with young actors, and children looking for direction in theatrical ventures.-Cris Riedel, Ellis B. Hyde Elementary School, Dansville, NY

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