Monday, April 13, 2009

Teach Reading with TV Closed Captioning & Recorded Books

THE most economical device to teach
reading is already in your home.
children have the highest reading
scores in the world and they use
this device
more than any other country
—and it’s free!

It’s closed-captioning on the TV.
Turn it on by
using the “menu” button
on the remote to
reach the “cc” area.
Children unconsciously
absorb the sight
of the words and their
making connections to how print is
It’s like having a free magazine subscription
in the home.
All print counts.
about recorded books—do they count?
Read on.

WHILE a recorded voice is not as good as
a live adult who can stop and explain something
in the story, it’s better than nothing.
also a great assist for the parent
who has
a reading disability or
whom English is a second language.
reading to a child
in a foreign
language accomplishes
many of the
same things
—feeds vocabulary and builds a

bridge to the love of reading and books.)
Public libraries have huge collections of
audio books—all available for free.

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