Monday, April 6, 2009

Authors Who Cater to Boys by Angela Bunyi Gr 3-5

Authors Who Cater to the Boys

Anything by Jon Scieska...this book in particular. One true account of peeing on an electrical fence will never be forgotten in my mind. While that may make you go, "Eek," that is exactly what makes the book get glued to your student's hands.

Donald Graves, founder of the workshop approach, wrote this beautiful book of poems. Topics range from stealing, lying, and getting in trouble. I can't think of another serious book where boys enjoy the poetry. They really connected here.
Jerry Spinelli is usually well-received by my boys. I usually get students acquainted with his style through Maniac Magee. The title above is Spinelli's autobiography. I'll admit that this book has not been read by any of my students this year.

The Royal King...

Gary Paulsen has spread through our room like wildfire. Select any book by him, and you are bound to have success. At this moment, five different titles are being read in my room right now. All boy readers. When I read My Life in Dog Years, the boys were hooked. Here is an excerpt from one of my boy's books, Guts.

What do you do when you're being charged by a red-eyed furious wall of brown fur that is an insane moose? How do you make a weapon with your bare hands? How do you sneak up on a grouse or a rabbit, kill it with a well-aimed arrow, and cook it over a fire--without a pot? All this and lots more is essential learning for Brian Robeson, the young wilderness survivor in Gary Paulsen's classic novel Hatchet. In writing that book, Paulsen was determined that everything that happened to Brian--the survival techniques and the physical and emotional traumas--would be drawn closely from reality and his own experiences. In Guts he reveals the stories behind Hatchet, as he lived them.

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