Monday, April 13, 2009

Jim Trelease Read Aloud Handouts about Reading

"Do you have a free handout about reading
that we can give parents at our school?"

o many teachers and administrators asked Jim Trelease that question, one of his first retirement projects was to create a series of such free handouts. Based on his books, lectures, and films, the tri-fold double-sided brochures are aimed at parents, teachers, librarians—even future teachers and parents.

Written in an uncomplicated, to-the-point style, along with some of the charts and statistics Jim has used in his books and lectures, the brochures are free for downloading and may be easily duplicated by nonprofit institutions dealing with parents and community members.

The subject matter includes:

  • Why reading is the most important subject in school;
  • How a child becomes competent in reading;
  • The importance of a child reading outside school;
  • Why it's essential for parents to read aloud to children;
  • Listening levels versus reading levels;
  • How the mere presence of print in the home influences a child's reading skills;
  • The negative impact of over-viewing of TV and video games;
  • How TV's "closed-captioning" can help a child's reading;
  • The positive effects of recorded books.
  • The things to be sure to do when reading to children and the things to avoid;
  • Why is it that some people read a lot and some (even very educated people) read very little?

How do we obtain the brochures?

First, email Jim Trelease (Jim Trelease) and seek permission to print the brochures, including in your correspondence the name and address of the requesting organization, its nonprofit status, and how it will be used. Jim's email response to you (usually within 48 hours) will allay any fears your printer may have about reprinting a copyrighted item. Then control/option-click on the name of the brochure below and the brochure's PDF file will be downloaded to your computer. Each is a megabyte in size and may take a minute to download. Burn it to a disc (or email it) for your printing facility. The item should be printed to both sides of a single sheet. It's easier than pie, if you've ever tried to bake a pie—a lot easier!

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