Monday, March 23, 2009


Try the acrostic poetry tutor and interactive at ReadWriteThink,
sponsored by the National Council of Teachers of English.

This bouncy, pleasantly popping student stimulator asks,
answers, and gives an example (SUN) of what an acrostic poem is.

(You may turn off the sound by clicking the SPEAKER icon.)

It's a great starting point for writing first poems.

Try a NAME poem or a one- or two-word TOPIC poem.
Mine was Washington, D.C. Use up to 15 character spaces.

Enter your name in up to 15 character spaces.

Brainstorm a list of MY WORDS or phrases to use in your poem.
Each of the eight (8) lines will hold 20 characters,
but shows only 16 characters, when this list reappears later.
Here, too, is the option to EXIT,
which remains an option through the next steps.

Seven (7) lines then appear with each letter of your
NAME or TOPIC arranged vertically and capitalized.
UP and DOWN ARROWS allow access to other letters in longer words.

Up to seven (7) HINT words appear for each letter, as you point to it.
These are mostly conjunctions, adjectives, adverbs and verbs,
which may be helpful.
"X" suggests that you should "Be Creative!"
and gives three (3) "ex-" words.

The MY WORDS list remains visible.

When you complete the poem, it appears in PRINTABLE form with
"Acrostic Poems," your TITLE and NAME, and completed poem below.

A ZOOM feature and BACK button for changes are here.
Choose to PRINT before you write a NEW POEM.
Nothing is saved here.

You may revise and move BACK or CONTINUE indefinitely,
until you PRINT or choose NEW POEM.

Happy Writing!

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