Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pecorino's First Concert

Front Cover

By Alan Madison, AnnaLaura Cantone

If you think you know the silliest boy in the world,
you're wrong. Pecorino Sasquatch is the silliest boy in the world.
Just watch him as he heads off to the first concert he's ever seen,
conducted by the world-famous Vittorio Pimplelini.
Before the day is out, Pecorino will furmuzzle a man
with a long mustache, wamboodle himself down into a tuba,
and cause the most Brobdingnagian blast of a note
that anyone has ever heard. It's all in a day's work for Pecorino.

This delectably silly musical adventure, written

by Alan Madison, the second-silliest boy in the world,

features pictures by AnnaLaura Cantone,

the silliest illustrator in the world

(unless Pecorino decides to take up drawing).

View and hear this online at the Los Angeles Public Library: Click on TumbleBook Library,
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or ViewOnline.
11 minutes, 41 second of pure fun!
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From School Library Journal Kindergarten-Grade 2–Young Pecorino
makes his first trip to a city concert with his mother
and is fascinated with instruments of the orchestra.
Entranced by the siren call of unmanned instruments
on the empty stage, Pecorino explores the workings
of the tuba a bit too deeply. Despite his attempts to
wiggle, wossle, and wamboodle himself out, he is trapped.
This entertainingly silly tale is further enhanced by a
larger-than-life guest conductor and a perplexed and
furmuzzled tubist–capable of a Brobdingnagian blow on his
instrument. Cantone's mixed-media pen-and-paint illustrations
of large-nosed, expansive cartoon figures add whimsy to
descriptive text filled with nonsensical words and the thoughtful
logic of a child. This quirky musical adventure will be
a hit with young audiences.
–Mary Elam, Forman Elementary School, Plano, TX
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a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.
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