Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dear Peter Rabbit

Front Cover

By Alma Flor Ada, Leslie Tryon
Illustrated by Leslie Tryon
When Peter Rabbit is invited to a housewarming party
by one of the Three Little Pigs, a behind-the-scenes adventure
begins to unfold. This collection of previously unseen letters
from the land of make-believe offers us a rare and fresh glimpse
into the lives of well-loved characters. Along the way,
Goldilocks makes a much happier return visit to the Bears' house,
finds Peter Rabbit's lost jacket, and befriends Little Red Riding Hood.
This delightful tale of interconnecting friendships,
written by Alma Flor Ada and enhanced by Leslie Tryon's detailed
and engaging pictures, is sure to warm the hearts
of young and old alike.

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The events in four familiar tales are cleverly intertwined and reported
in a dozen letters. ""Pig One"" invites Peter Rabbit to a
housewarming, but he can't go because he's in bed
sipping chamomile; Baby Bear wants his new friend

Goldilocks McGregor to visit;
Pigs One and Two report that they're now safely with Pig Three;
Peter gets an unexpected invitation from Goldilocks
and compliments the three pigs on the wolf's-tail soup served
at the housewarming they finally managed to celebrate;
the wolf orders a new tail and swears off pigs and little girls.
Red Riding Hood wraps up events in a letter to her grandmother,
while Tryon (Albert's Alphabet, 1991, ALA Notable) visualizes them
in an inviting fairy-tale world, gently recalling both Gustave DorÉ
and Beatrix Potter with entrancing, delicately colored crosshatched
detail. In addition to more obvious uses, try a dramatic reading
of these pleasingly childlike letters.
Also available in Spanish (ISBN: 0-689-31915-0).

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