Friday, May 15, 2009

One More Story

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What We Are
One More Story is an online library of the best of children's classic and contemporary literature. Through a simple point and click process, children can choose a book, see the illustrations and have the book read to them whenever they want.

The One More Story library features the highest quality children's books (including Caldecott Medal winners) from ten different publishers. Books will be continually added to the One More Story library until we reach one hundred and eight books.
See a list of the books in the One More Story library >>

See a sample book
Hear and See a Book
A child can easily choose a book by clicking on the green button under that book. As the narrator reads, words are individually high-lighted in the text box at the bottom of the screen. Each story is professionally narrated, and original music has been written for each book.

See I Can Read It mode
I Can Read It
One More Story offers the I Can Read It mode for beginning readers. Clicking on the "I" button (in the upper right hand corner) mutes the sound, allowing the child to read the book. If a word is unfamiliar, the child can click on it and hear that word spoken by the narrator. This is available for every word in each book in the One More Story library.

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